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What does it actually take to trust God?

“What if it hurts? (I’ll trust you Lord)

What if you cry? (I’ll trust you Lord)

What if it doesn’t work the first time that you try? (I’ll trust you Lord)

What if you call my name, (I’ll trust you Lord)

And don’t feel me near? (I’ll trust you Lord)

Will you still believe in me or will you fear? (Yes I will trust you Lord)”

- I’ll Trust You Lord by Donnie McClurkin

That song by Donnie McClurkin always hits differently, especially if I’m going through something. I always stop and ask, what if God really was to just ask me these questions? Would my response be the same?

Funny thing is, God asks this every day. When we go through our trials and tribulations, when things don’t go our way, will we trust Him?

What does it actually take to trust God?

I’ve learnt that it means you have to humble yourself, let go of your pride and give God the reigns. We all have days where we ponder our lives. We question our futures. We plan towards dreams and have growing desires. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it can become depressing and create anxiety when we forget to live in the here and now and become stressed and consumed in something we don’t have full control over.

We forget it’s the little things that create the big picture. This is where we need to humble ourselves.

I was listening to a speaker the other day and she demonstrated the power and providence of God through the story of the beginning of King Saul’s reign (1 Samuel 9:1-24).

She began with the description given of Saul:

He was the finest man out of all the Children of Israel (1 Samuel 9:2), She then pointed out the contrast in imagery with verse 3. For such a fine man, he was sent to do a common job – go searching for his father’s donkey. Imagine being of such status and being asked to

go and find a donkey.

In this day and age I can imagine a 21st century version of Samuel posting on twitter:

“My dad really just asked me to go search for a donkey. I don’t think he actually knows who I am. Must be mad if he thinks I’m going to look for a donkey. Know your worth mandem!”

Instead Saul humbled himself and did as he was told. The speaker said that right now we need to focus on the tasks at hand because God has already made provision for the future. We have no need to fear. We just need to humble ourselves and get on with it. Surely enough, later on we see that God had already planned for Saul to be King (verse 16). There was already meat prepared at a vast dinner table for Him (verse 24).

This story demonstrates the power of living in the here and now. If you read the full story properly, you will see that Saul going to search for the donkey led him to the prophet Samuel who told him that he was to be King. He humbled himself, carried out the main

task and stepped right into the blessing that God had instore for him. The same can be done with us.

When we do what is required of us daily, simple everyday tasks, we too build and develop and mould into the person God wants us to be so that we are ready to receive our blessing.

Another story that demonstrates my point is the story of Esther (,my favourite alongside the story of Joseph). Imagine being put in a position and being given a title that you didn’t necessarily want.

Many of us find ourselves in a completely opposite situation to what we dreamed of and we believe all hope is lost. Everything seems to have gone wrong. We lose faith, we become anxious, stressed and miserable. Unlike us, Esther took on the title, humbled herself and eventually went on to save her people.

Even in the face of death she said “If I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:16). As I said somewhere near the beginning I’ve acknowledged that trusting in God and having faith means denial of self. Denial of my plans, my desires, my characteristics, my positions and titles and getting

to a place of meekness.

We are supposed to be meek in our character anyway (Galatians 5:2-23). Jesus even said blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5). When I humble myself then can I accept and appreciate God’s plans for me, His desires for me. I can adopt the

characteristics I should have as a follower of God, the positions and titles He gives me even if they aren’t of high status or they aren’t what I wanted because I can now trust that God knows best.

One of the hardest prayers to pray is “Thy will be done”, yet Jesus demonstrated that this is an essential part of our prayer life (Matthew 6:10) and is a crucial element as we live out our daily lives as Christians because as Christians our life isn’t ours, we are told to deny ourselves (Mark 8:34) so that we can be saved.

At the end of the day we need to stop believing that we know what’s best for us when we don’t even know our own hearts as we think we do.

God is omniscient (all-knowing), therefore He knows what we need today, tomorrow and next week. Our duty is to acknowledge this, acknowledge that His strength and His ways are perfect and buckle up for the blessings that He has in store.


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