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Will Your Anchor Hold In The Storms Of Life?

Are you storm-proof?

In light of everything happening in the world, I sometimes find myself feeling frustrated, upset and betrayed. Maybe you can relate to this too! How have you decided to channel these feelings? Have you allowed yourself to lash out? Or despite the emotional overload have you reminded yourself that God promised to be present and this presence changes things?

Colourful storm

In Matthew 8:23 – 27 Jesus and his disciples entered a boat and Jesus went to sleep. While he slept a furious storm began, the boat started to fill with water and the disciples that had previously witnessed the sermon on the mount and miracles started to panic.

Fear of the storm overcame them, and they all brought this to Jesus by waking him up in panic. They asked him to save them and exclaimed they were going to drown! In the past I looked at this text and felt it was good they were able to identify that Jesus could change their situation. However, Jesus did not give them such credit He rebuked the fact they had minimal faith and questioned their fear.

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You may feel this was not fair, looking at their circumstances. You may have thought their fear was justifiable. So why did Jesus deal with them like this?

Well, I can only speculate – not being God and all, but here are a couple of my thoughts which highlight why Jesus may have expected more.

Why Jesus may have expected more

His disciples were present for the sermon on the Mount, potentially, the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached clarifying theology, bring new knowledge and spoken with authority. Not only did they hear the word of God, but they were reminded of what was required of them as followers.

Jesus told a parable of the wise and foolish builder. In this parable he stated how the difference in the destiny was the foundation they established. The wise man built on rock and Jesus said that this was the equivalent of hearing the word of God and putting it into practice. Therefore, when the winds and waves came, the wise man’s home was immovable.

On the other hand, the foolish man also heard the word of God, but did not put the words into practice. So, the foolish builder established a false sense of safety and comfort in the words of God. I call it false, as when the storm hit, he found his home destroyed by it.

He may have believed knowledge would have saved him, but it did not.

In effect Jesus had pre-warned his disciples to put into the practice the words of God. He asked them to trust God by activating their faith, not just knowing His words. I believe Jesus needed to do this as the difference between the two men could only be revealed by the storm.

Today, Jesus wants Christians to establish the right foundations in anticipation of any storms. Making our lives storm-proof so even when the water starts filling up our boats, we can stand firm through faith.

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Another reason Jesus may have reacted the way he did, was because the disciples had watched him perform miracles; cast out demons and restore the sick to full health. I believe Jesus expected the power they witnessed to inspire more faith and belief in Him.

Remember, when the boat started filling up Jesus was on the boat too. Was it really possible for them to drown with Jesus on board? My answer is no.

So, I ask you the same question today. If Jesus is present, why do you think your situation will

materialise as anything but greatness? Ultimately even if the boat was to sink, I believe Jesus wanted them to realise He would still have the power to rectify this.

Drowning in the water photography

What do I get from this? How do I believe this should have impacted the disciple’s faith and our faith today?

Do not give storms definitive power.

The word definitive means – (of a conclusion or agreement) done or reached decisively and with authority.

Do not agree with the storm. The storm that comes will want to shake you. Although, it has the ability to frighten and even consume you – if you let it. It is important to note, you must first agree with the storm. You must submit to the will of the storm. I believe Jesus was infuriated because the disciples chose to be led by fear into agreement with the storm.

Many of us continue to do this today. We agree with the conclusion of a storm, rather than accepting God as our author.

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This also happened to the Israelites in Jeremiah 29, we see them in captivity and discouraged. However, God came to remind them their destiny was bigger than their circumstance. That the future He planned for them, would be of good and not evil. He wanted them to remember not to let the storm conclude their story.

Today God invites us again to let him be the only author and finisher of our faith.

Are you willing to hand over the pen? Are you willing to pass through the storm and not be defined by it?

Choose today to let your test become a testimony and allow your victory to encourage others to walk the path of faith and freedom as well!

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