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Nothing Is Impossible With God - My Year In A Nutshell

I have a confession to make, the last blog post I wrote was actually adapted from something I wrote on 23rd January 2022. I was mentally exhausted, physically drained and not in a place to believe in miracles.

I did the ASC challenge not because I believed the impossible would happen but because I didn’t see the harm in trying.

My soul was wrestling with a number of unanswered prayers and a series of traumatic events that changed my life completely. To the point of me spiralling out of control and trying to bounce back from a period of anxiety and depression.

I did the challenge, I wrote my prayer requests and forgot all about them. I actually wrote them in three places. On my phone, in my prayer journal and in my Bible notes app.

Over the months that followed, did I pray about them? Not often (if I’m being honest,) and certainly not intentionally. Did I even remember they were there? No, sadly I didn’t.

Like the sad record of my life that plays, again, I’d given up and even forgotten all the things God had revealed to me about Himself. Please believe me when I say, I’m so grateful that we serve a God who is merciful!

As much as you’re probably desperate to hear the requests, I can’t tell you. They were that personal I can’t even share them. They were so dear to my heart I told no one. Just me and God. God and me.

Towards the end of June, there was a day I chose to dedicate to gratitude. I realised that the person I was in January wasn’t the person I was in that moment. The hurt of the past was lifted and I no longer felt it holding me back. The smile I’m mostly known for was reappearing on my face without me even realising it. Something in my life was changing, something in my life was healing.

I opened my prayer journal that day, not to write but to read. My good friend Douglas from Insight Blog gave me this really cool idea of adding a key to the front of my journal so I could make a note of answered prayers, prayer requests and other things I wanted to easily find in my journal later on. So I did it. As I began reading the first page of the journal I saw the prayer request symbol and underneath my impossible requests.

prayer journalling

My jaw dropped! Two of the things I thought in January were impossible were now before me as answered prayers and the third was 85% of the way there. Tears flooded my eyes and I poured out my heart and soul to God. Firstly I asked for forgiveness, secondly I asked for more faith, why did I ever doubt? Thirdly, I gave Him the praise He is, was and always will be due!

Fast forward a month or two, August 14th 2022 the top thing on my impossible prayer request, a testimony in the making, also became an answered prayer. I plucked up the courage to even share it with a friend who watched me stare into the sky in awe at what God can do.

Why did I share this with you? As a reminder that there really is no impossible with God. They say when playing a game you have to be in it to win it and I say with God you have to believe it to see it. And now I see it.

I challenge you today, if you haven’t already done it, write that list of impossibles, claim Luke 1:37-38 over your life and over your requests and watch God answer.

I wrote a new set of impossible prayer requests, bolder and bigger ones in fact. Even now my human self panics at the thought of them but if God did it before, surely He can do it again? I believe for it, and this time I’m going to actually pray over them 😅


What life changing differences have you seen in what God is doing in your life over the course of this year? Let’s encourage each other, meet me in the comments section.


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