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Celebrating Christmas with Purpose: 5 Ways to Make a Difference This Christmas

It’s no secret that Jesus was not actually born at Christmas, yet many Christians around the world choose to celebrate this season as a reminder of Jesus’ birth.

As much as the concept of Christmas stems from Christian roots, it’s been overtaken by selfishness and lies. So many people see Christmas as a time to get instead of give and instead of teaching others about Jesus, the main character seems to be a make believe gift giver, Santa.

With all that said, the more God has shown me that this is a time of year we as Christians can actually make a difference. So here are five ways you can do something special this Christmas and make a difference in the lives of those around you.

5 Ways to Make a Difference This Christmas

Focus on the giving

These days, when it comes to Christmas, many individuals find themselves entangled in extensive wish lists, often spending beyond their means. Imagine a shift in perspective—what would it look like in your home if everyone focused on giving instead of getting? What would that look like in your family? In your community? "For God so loved the world that He gave!" Write that down. It's time to switch our focus and remind ourselves of what Christmas is really about. Ask God for direction. What can you do differently? What can you change? As you make your plans this year, allow John 3:16 to be your inspiration. Let everything you do be centred around what God has already done for you.

Turn trash into treasure

One thing I love about Christmas time is that it’s an opportunity to give. On the flip side, what can be disheartening is that often we end up with a number of things we no longer need or want. Why not try something new this year? It’s the perfect time to share what you have. Before you buy new clothes, consider donating your old ones to a local charity shop. Before you buy the newest phone, trade in your old one. Before purchasing more cards this year, why not use up the ones in the loft from last year? Think on your feet instead of with your wallet. Let's engage our creativity, making thoughtful choices beyond monetary transactions.

Open your home

In every country there are refugees, university students far from home, orphans, broken homes and even neighbours who could benefit from your hospitality. My family has been fortunate enough to welcome guests into our home during the Christmas season, and if you find the chance to do something similar, believe me, it's an incredibly enjoyable experience! Sharing the warmth of your home not only creates a sense of belonging for those who may be far from their loved ones, but it also fosters a spirit of unity. Discover the joy in conversations, cultural exchanges, and the creation of lasting connections. Embracing God’s love in this way, extending a hand of kindness can turn a simple gathering into a heartwarming celebration of compassion and community. So, consider opening your doors to those who could use your love during this festive time.

Flower growing through hands

Go out into the community

The concept of giving doesn’t just mean monetary gifts. It can be your time, it can be your food, it can be your crafts, it can even be voice. Over the next few weeks, think about what you could do with your time, your food, your hands and your voice that would make a difference to even just one person this Christmas. Whether it's volunteering at a local shelter, preparing a meal for a neighbour in need, creating heartfelt gifts, or using your voice to raise awareness for a cause you're passionate about, each act of kindness, big or small, has the potential to brighten someone's life. Embrace giving in its various forms, and see the profound impact you can have on those around you.

Share, show and tell

My favorite thing about Christmas is that at this time of year, whether religious or not, people are so much more receptive to the gospel. It may be the one time some set foot in a church for the entire year. If there’s any time to share the love of Jesus, it’s right now! We have a wonderful platform to share Jesus with others; the 'how' is definitely up to you. Think outside the box—share a reel of how your family prepares for Christmas, host a carol service at your house, pick Christian Christmas cards instead of the generic snow and reindeer ones. Whatever you do, choose to intentionally share Jesus with someone this holiday season.

These are just some of the ways God has shown me to use this Christmas season as a way to glorify and share Him with those around me. I hope you’ve been inspired to do something special this year. I’d love to hear what ideas you come up with so please feel free to comment below or drop me an email.

God bless, have a lovely Christmas and happy new year!


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