The Laura Jane Fashion Group consists of two brands, both of which are inspired by Scripture, created to bring Bible truths to a dying world.


The Laura Jane Fashion Group was started initially in 2014 as an independent brand, and has now evolved into two sister companies both focused on bringing the gospel to the world through fashion.


The group is named after its founder Laura Jane, a young budding entrepreneur who has always had the desire to unite her creative passion for clothing & fashion, design with her love for God and ministry. 

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Asikara is an African inspired clothing and accessories brand based on the Bible verse Psalm 139:14.


At the heart of Asikara is the underlying desire to help others feel beautiful and understand the truth that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. 


Studies show that people feel happiest when wearing colourful, tailor made garments  and Asikara brings this to light in the bright, limited edition, printed garments it produces, all of which are handmade with real people in mind.

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Stay Lit Apparel is a modern Christian Apparel brand created to inspire the millennial generation. 


The idea of Stay Lit Apparel stemmed from the Bible verses found in Matt 5:14-16.


The clothes we wear speak volumes. They tell others a little bit about us even before we open our mouths to speak. The world we live in is moving so fast that sometimes we don’t even have the opportunity to spark conversations, that however, does not change the fact, that we’re still called to be a light in the darkness. 


Stay Lit Apparel is aimed at bridging the gap, reaching a millennial generation through bold typography and playful slogans, translated into fashion, that start Christ-centred conversations. 

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