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We made the Headlines! Locked down but not locked up

To those who are in need of some encouragement. God reminded me just now of His faithfulness throughout the ages. He also reminded me of the fact that even though I may be locked down, His gospel still needs to be preached to this dying world!

Christian Quote, Go tell people all God is capable of

That is the exact reason we started Stay Lit. A creative way to spread the gospel through our love for God, others and our creative take on how that can apply to fashion.

Recently God allowed me to speak on His behalf and tell the world what He has done for me through a secular newspaper.

Stay Lit Apparel Press

What amazed me the most was the heading! 'I wanted people to see the beauty God has given them' Most reporters take out anything and everything to do with religion and make God seem small, but not this one. She didn't sugar coat my words, or lie to make me seem bigger. She simply listened and retold my story.

Stay Lit Apparel Press Release

God reminded me that I don't have to be 'free' to tell others about Him. His name will still and can still be glorified. We just need to think outside the box in order to make it a reality! You can read the newspaper article here


A virus will not stop us from sharing, preaching, praying and worshipping! Join us, let others know about the love of God and what He has done for you! We want to hear your stories. We are calling Christian bloggers to submit testimonies, Bible studies & blog posts. If you are interested, please send us an email.


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