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Prayer Journalling For Beginners: Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal

I started prayer journalling from around the age of 12. I was never an avid writer and actually, at school English was my least favourite subject but for some reason I gravitated to prayer journalling as an escape from my busy lifestyle. Through journalling my prayers, testimonies, requests and Bible studies, God has opened my eyes to a new way of communicating with Him.

Prayer Journalling For Beginners | Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal

What Is Prayer Journalling?

I would describe prayer journalling as a written record of prayers, testimonies and Bible studies. In essence Prayer Journalling is a form of documenting your spiritual life.

Why Should I Start A Prayer Journal?

1. So You Can See How Far You've Come

Sometimes we forget where God has brought us from. By having a dated, written record of your prayers, it's easy to see where God has brought you from and what prayers have been answered.

2. To Stay Organised & Consistent

Keeping a Prayer Journal is a great way to keep your prayers, testimonies and other parts of your spiritual life in one place.

3. To Add Creativity To Your Spiritual Life

It may be that you're looking for a creative way to worship God and Prayer Journalling could be the answer.

4. To Spend More Focused Time With God

Setting a time and a place to journal, like a date with God helps you spend more time with Him intentionally.

Prayer Journalling For Beginners | Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal

What Tips Do You Have On How To Start Prayer Journalling?

  • Truthfully, there are no 'rules' to Prayer Journalling it's a personal thing between you and God.

  • I would advise being open and honest. That's the only way to get the best out of it

  • Try writing your journals in a diary format, almost like a letter to God. Make sure to give each entry a date so you know exactly when it happened.

  • This is quality time you are choosing to spend with God so make it count! Personalise it and enjoy it.

3 Steps To Starting A Prayer Journal

  1. Pick a time and place to journal.

  2. Choose how frequently you'd like to do it - creating this habit will help you be more consistent.

  3. Gather your supplies. It could be as simple as a pen and paper. Lined or blank pages? Colours or no colours? Words, pictures or both?

  4. Choose your journalling style and roll with it. The possibilities are endless. Get creative, make it personal and meaningful.

Prayer Journalling for beginners

Prayer Journalling Styles & Why They're Useful

Write Out Prayers Like Letters to God or Diary Entries

If you struggle to keep your thoughts in check like I do, writing your prayers down helps you focus more on what you want to say. This can be like a standard diary entry or a letter addressed to God.

Paint & Annotate A Picture

Some prayer journals contain more pictures less words. If you're the artistic type or would like to try your hand at something creative why not choose a Bible verse and paint it.

Write a Scripture Inspired Poem Or Song

Take inspiration from David and write poems or songs inspired by God's Word.

Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal

Rewrite Scripture In Your Own Words

I'm not encouraging you to start your own Bible translation, no, just helping you to get a deeper understanding of what the Bible actually says. My dad always told me the best way to solidify something in your mind is to teach it to someone else and this is the principle I apply when I rewrite Scripture. By rewriting the verse it shows you understand it completely and can put it into your own words as if you were saying it to someone else.

Write Bible Study Notes, Insights & Quotes

Keep all your Bible annotations and quotes in one place ready for reference in your future studies.

Try A Combination Of The Above

As I said before, there's no right or wrong way to prayer journal, it's a personal expression of your love for God. You can write and draw or you can mix it up and go with the flow.

Prayer Journalling For Beginners | Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal


“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand

Psalm 37:23-24


Give It A Go And Try This Activity

We're going to try my favourite exercise. Read through the Bible verse above - Psalm 37:23-14. Take a moment to really process what it is saying. Get yourself a pen and paper and now try to rewrite it in your own words.

Bible Study Stay Lit Apparel Learning How To Forgive Others

Here's what I came up with...

The Lord secures the steps of those who delight in Him; even though He may stumble or trip, he will not fall, because God upholds him with His powerful hand.

Some people get skeptical of this idea of rewriting but if you look closely the meaning is the same, I've just personalised it. I like to write passages like this in my Bible alongside the verses as little annotations.

Find some more Bible verses you love, or do a search for a theme in the Bible and find some Scriptures that resonate with you to annotate and/or rewrite.

There's really nothing else to say except for happy journalling! I hope you've been inspired to try something new.


Maybe you've never journaled before but have always wanted to and didn't know where to start? We hope these steps were easy to follow and that you're ready to start journaling.

We also would love to hear your Scripture rewrites from the above activity.

Feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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