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My Top Ten Worship Songs For This Season

Alongside being a business woman, someone who loves to travel, a Christ-representer I am a musician. I love to sing and I'm also a very rusty, grade 5 violinist.

People often say that when God puts you in a ministry, it's not only to bless others but to bless you too. I'm a living testimony of this for sure.

guitar resting on a pillow

When I'm at my lowest and I can't even pick up a Bible to read, I don't feel like listening to sermons and my head is all over the place, one thing I can never stop doing is listening to music.

Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.

Music is a form of worship. A beautiful one at that.

God created music. He made our ears capable of identifying different notes, our throats equipped with ready-made vocal hardware and our lips with shouts of praise ever on them.

woman singing and worshipping with her eyes closed

The past season of my life has been filled with worship music more than any other. God has given me a song for each day, for each step of the journey. He has recognised my need and ministered to me through people I'll probably never even meet.

I don't know what trials you're facing right now, but I want to encourage you with ten songs that have spoken to my heart this year, also known as my top ten worship songs for 2021.

Top Ten Worship Songs For 2021

1. Quiet - Elevation Rhythm

I'll just be quiet,

and let you speak through the silence.

Here I am, no more hiding.

You are in this moment,

I won't fight it, i'll be quiet.

Sometimes we just need to sit back and listen. God is speaking but our lives are so filled with clutter and noise that we can't hear that still small voice. This song is my constant reminder to take time to hear God's voice and spend time alone, with Him, in the quiet.

2. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus - Steffany Gretzinger

No one ever cared for me like Jesus,

His faithful hand has held me all this way.

And when I’m old and grey

And all my days Are numbered on the earth

Let it be known in You alone

My joy was found

When I first heard these lyrics, my heart was blown away. Tears filled my big brown eyes and I was in awe and wonder at how much God really loves me. It's true, no-one ever can care for me like Jesus. He loves me even more than I know.

3. Yes He Can - CAIN

Did He move every mountain?

Did He part every sea?

Yes He did, So yes He can

Did He defeat the darkness?

Did He deliver me?

Yes He did So yes He can

There's a quote I like that basically says we need to make sure we don't forget where God has brought us from. Yes He can is that reminder that says if God did it before He can do it again. Even if you've never seen it done in your life, if He's done it for someone else, He can do it for you too.

4. Already Done - Joel Vaughn

So you can run right at your mountain

Like it's already moved

And you can chase down your Goliath

Like you know he's gonna lose

Maybe your waters haven't parted yet

But the time is gonna come

'Cause when our Father makes a promise

It's already done

This song speaks specifically to my fears. The devil loves to creep up on me and whisper 'you can't' in my ear but God! Even if the situation before me has not yet changed, I can't still move in faith because when God makes a promise to me, it's already done!

5. Say It - Jordan Feliz

I just had to say it

If it’s not You that we’re praising

Then it’s all overrated, ain’t it

If the name of Jesus Ain’t lifted up,

then who needs us

Sorry ya'll if you hate it

Too often, we neglect opportunities in our everyday lives to share Jesus because we are afraid of what people might think. For me, Jordan says it best, If it's not You that we're praising, it's overrated. If we aren't lifting up the name of Jesus, then what are we doing?

6. Potter - Dante Bowe

Potter, oh Potter

You sought this heart from the beginning

But still, you put this clay in your hand

Even though it was ugly and filthy

You called it the best kind

You called me the best kind

So, I'll sing

Hallelujah to the Potter

Who came and made me new

Thank you

Why me? I'm always questioning why God would die for me. There's nothing good I've done, there's nothing in me worth saving or even loving but God takes the broken things and turns them into beautiful things.

7. Yes He Can - CAIN

And oh my soul Remember who you’re talking to

The only one who death bows to

That’s the God who walks with you

And oh my soul You know that if He did it then

He can do it all again His power can still raise the dead

Don’t tell me that He’s finished yet

Although the storm may not be over, my story is not finished yet. The words of this song remind me of the power of God. Not just His power but also the fact that the same God who raised the dead, conquered death, hell and the grave, He walks right beside me.

8. Draw Me Nearer - Run51

I am thine, oh Lord

I have heard Your voice

And it told Your love to me

But I long to rise in the arms of faith

And be closer drawn to Thee

During lockdown especially, I missed singing hymns at church and dedicated time with my best friend each week to learning new ones. Oldie, but a goodie.

9. Burn Out - Andrew Ascough

Cuz my heart burns out for you Oh

And the darkness has no hand on me now

Protected by your blood And called as your own

I will find… my way home

For the days when I feel disconnected, this song reminds me that there is a way home. Often when we feel like God has left us, it's really us who moved.

10. Dear God - Cory Asbury

Dear God,

I’ve been chasing their approval and it’s killing me

And I know

The more I to try to prove

The less I have to show

And I’m stuck inside my head

Most of the time

Have you ever written a letter to God about how much you're trying to do what You think He wants you to do but you just keep failing at it? Well that letter someone put into a song. Take a listen, it's beautiful.


I really hope you've been inspired by these worship songs and I'm always keen to learn about new artists and have more songs to add to my Spotify playlist so please drop a comment below with the song that's touched you the most this season!


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