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9 UK Christian Artists You Need To Look Out For

As you already know the Christian music industry in the UK is not as large as it is in America. But that's not to say there aren't amazing artists right here. We've put together a playlist of some amazing UK Christian artists that you need to look out for.

Follow them on Spotify, subscribe to their YouTube Channels and make sure you catch up with them on social media too. Sharing is caring so tell a friend and lets support their ministry.

guitar resting on a pillow

Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.

11 UK Christian Artists You Need To Watch

1. Rae Rae - Cover Me

Rae Rae is using her amazing voice to glorify God. We have been especially touched by the words of her newest single cover me!

Lord, You know the way

You go before me

Always a step ahead so I’ll

Rest in the truth

That You’ll work it out for my good

Oh if You are For me

There’s nothing to fear

Cuz I know,

I know who covers me

Rae Rae is also an official Stay Lit Brand Ambassador and we are so excited to be working with her. Make sure to follow her socials for exclusive discounts on our clothing.

2. We Are Messengers - Come What May

It was a We are Messengers song that got us through lockdown and the pandemic. Their new single come what may is now getting us through this next season of life. Every song is relateable, easy to remember and powerfully delivered.

3. Soul Thirst Music - Slow Down

Life seems to be going so quickly at the moment so this message is so timely. Slow right down! We've also been having fun with this song by joining in the slow down dance challenge on instagram. Take a look.

4. Daphne Richardson FEAT. CalledOut Music - Eternal Eyes

When we heard this song we had to play it on repeat, its absolutely beautiful. From one of our all time favourite artists CalledOut Music and one of our new favourite artists Daphne Richardson. I dare you to listen's impossible!

Before anyone says something, although Daphne is Canadian, CalledOut Music is from the UK so this song still counts in our eyes.

5. Everything Is Possible - Philippa Hanna

The little bit of joy and hope we needed to end this year. This song gives never fails to bring a smile to our faces as does everything else Philippa Hanna releases.

6. MARIZU - Stay Here

We love Marizu's acoustic Afrobeats blend with his new song Stay Here. A great reminder to keep our hearts, eyes and minds focused on God no matter what.

7. Steph Macleod – When I Found Jesus

This song is a testimony in itself that many of us can relate to. When we find Jesus, or when Jesus finds us its a life changing experience of salvation and redemption.

8. Jonathan Ogden - Miles & Miles

Our favourite lyric in this song says,

A love so strong

It chases down this heart of mine

No matter how far

I could run for miles and miles

There is no where in this life that God will not come to find us, there's no where and no one and nothing that can ever separate us from His love.

9. Lucy Grimble - God's Heart Explodes

Lucy created such a great analogy in this song, God's heart truly does explode with love for us and that love never runs dry.


We hope you've been inspired and found some UK new artists to add to your Spotify playlist. Don't forget, sharing is caring so let us know your favourite UK Christian artist in the comments below.


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